Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Shop Handmade Featured Seller: Dmytro and Iuliia

When I first saw their shop I was so amazed by what they were creating (and all with a piece of paper!). This shop is truly handmade as each and every single piece is hand-cut by them to create an amazing work of art!

This was the very first piece that caught my eye, and after looking at it for a little while I realized how intricate and beautiful it was so I just had to share it with you guys!
Holding Hands Couple with Bicycles Handmade Original Papercut First Anniversary Gift: Hand-Cut Paper Art Silhouette

Now I must admit that I am a little biased towards this piece because I am a huge animal lover, but who could look at this and not say "Awww...". Anyway, this piece is also fantastic and thought you guys would like to see it.
In love Elephants Handmade Original Papercut First Anniversary Paper Gift: Hand-Cut Paper Art Silhouette

Now I would like to introduce the shopkeepers themselves: Dmytro and Iuliia!! They were nice enough to answer a few questions and tell you guys a little bit more about them and their business:
1) Tell us a bit about yourself...
Our names are Dmytro and Iuliia and we live in Ukraine. We love creativity and handmade things, because looking at them you can feel the inner world of the person who made them. So this encouraged us to share our handmade works with other people.
We are creating hand-cut paper art silhouettes from a single sheet of paper and all of pieces are interconnected. All our works are made with love and soul.

2) How did you get started in your business?

Our story begins from the childhood, when being children we visited creative classes such as painting, drawing and paper craft. Growing up and studying at university we didn't pay proper attention to creativity, but it always lived in our hearts.
Once, we created a greeting card with hand-cut elements for our friend's birthday. It was the first realized step how much creativity occupies an important place in our lives. After that, we took interest in paper cutting art and started creating paper cut silhouettes.

3) What is your favorite piece that you have made?
All paper cuts in our shop are unique, intricate and are all our favorite pieces.

4) What goes into making one of your pieces?
Paper cutting is very amazing process, at the beginning you just see just a piece of paper and after spending several hours/days cutting it, the paper becomes a beautiful art work. Silhouettes for us are not just a sheet of paper. We put in our works a piece of love, care, kindness, happiness and truly believe that people can feel the same emotions looking at our paper cuts.

5) What are your future goals for your business?

The main our goal is to make more and more people happy through our works and pass a little part of our love and soul. Our plan for future is growth. We want to create more beautiful and intricate paper cuts and get more customers and followers of our art.

6) Is there anything else you would like to say?
All our works are inspired by nature, life and people who like our works. To get inspiration we go for a walk to the parks, forests to enjoy the nature. Also we like meet with our friends and spend time talking and having tea. It helps us to relax and get new energy to create original works.

The shop owners are so friendly and dedicated and I strongly urge you guys to give them some love at their shops, spread their names around and (of course!) purchase one of their amazing pieces!


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