Saturday, August 27, 2011

Here Comes Irene!

Well folks its about that time, we are supposed to begin getting hit by Irene at 5pm this afternoon. With the hardest part of the hurricane coming at around 1-3 am. All I know it that I will be sleeping in the basement tonight and won't come out until I know it is over.

I don't think we are going to have terrible damage, but they are saying high winds (and we are basically living in a forest :D) and rain but we aren't that close to the eye so hopefully the storm won't affect us to much.

Around my area we have already been notified that there will be wide-spread power outages and it could take 24 hours for our power company to even get out and assess the damage. 24 hours!! What could they possibly be doing for those 24 hours??

Well, it is already starting to pour down rain and wind is starting to pick up so to the basement I go!!

Wish me luck and I hope everyone else stays dry as well :) Thanks for reading my blog!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Fall Jewelry Coming Soon!


FALL JEWELRY COMING SOON!! Release dates (more to be announced later!):
Aug 27- Pumpkin Earrings
Aug 28- Candy Corn Earrings
Aug 29- Eyeball Earrings
Aug 30- Pumpkin Pie Studs
Aug 31- Candy Corn Studs
Sept 1- 2D Glow in the Dark Ghost Earrings
Sept 2- Bat Earrings
Sept 3- 3D Glow in the Dark Ghost Earrings
Sept 4- Caramel Apple Earrings
Sept 5- Jack-O-Lantern Earrings
Sept 6- Pumpkin Pie Earrings

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Can't wait to get your hands on one? Send me a convo of the earrings you want to see along with your e-mail. I will e-mail a pic of it to you and if you like it I will set up a custom listing for you! 

My etsy shop:
Thanks so much for reading my blog and happy last days of summer!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meet Your Newest Sampler Villager!

And if you couldn't guess, I was meaning me. That's right I am so excited to announce that I will be a part of the awesome Nov/Dec box from Sampler Villager.

Check them out and pick up a box because they are absolutely amazing. I just received a box from her and I can't wait to try out all the fantastic goodies (20 in total!!). There is everything from soaps, soy tarts, eye shadow to cupcake topper and a cute dog bow (which my dog wasn't to happy about wearing :() Their next box comes out Sept. 21, I believe, so be prepared to place your order :D 

I am planning on sending in ring samples and I was thinking eitheir cookies with red and green M&M's or donuts with red and green sprinkles. Also possibly a present cut in half so it lies pretty flat on the ring. Which one do you guys think you would most want to recieve?

Thanks so much for reading my blog!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Etsy Shop Review: For Goodness Grape

Welcome to ForGoodnessGrape the Etsy shop where you'll find ALL YOU NEED TO LOOK & FEEL GRAPE!

Before I made my purchase with this shop, I had been wanting to order SO many things and I had a hard time narrowing it down to even just the things I ordered. Although one thing I really wish I had ordered from her shop was her lip candy (which I am really eyeing at the moment, but am going to have to wait because I have already splurged this month :D)

Okay, enough of my wants and wishes...on to the amazing review I have for you guys!

What I Ordered:
Let me explain how I ordered these first. I made my purchase during the Christmas in July event  so she had tons of awesome specials going on. She only had one of the perfume stix sales up, so I contacted her about listing another and by the end of the day it was up, fantastic!
Here are the scents of the perfume stix I ordered:
1) Soapy Clean
2) Citrus Explosion
3) Pin-Up Girl
4) Doni
5) Plumeria
6) Butt Naked
Each perfume stick costs $6.25 normally, but I got great deal on them during her Christmas in July event.

Customer Service
I must say her customer service was fantastic! She responded so quickly to all of my questions and listed the listing I asked for at lightning-speed. All of her responses were so nice and caring and I really could tell she cared about her customers.

Shipping time was the area that disappointed me the most out of this whole order, but would definitely not deter me from ordering from her again (her products are fabulous). Now, let me make something clear, she does make it very clear that shipping will take 7-10 to ensure freshness. I am not complaining about the time, more just letting you guys know that she makes you wait to enjoy her fantastic products :D But the products are totally worth the wait! I ordered my products on July 8 and received them on July 28.

The quality of these products is unbelievable and I am in love with them. My favorite scent: Plumeria, lasts forever and smells divine. The solid perfume is very smooth and creamy and glides on very easy. The scents as I said above last the longest amount of time I have ever seen from a solid perfume. While they don't last all day long it is so easy to just to pop one in your purse or pocket and re-apply partway through the day.

1) Soapy Clean- this scent really does smell like a soapy clean. To me it reminds me of the smell of the little soaps you get when you stay at hotels, very clean!
2) Citrus Explosion- I am a big fan of the Satsuma scent and was hoping this would stand up to that scent. I must say it doesn't smell much like Satsuma but it does smell very citrusy and fruity with a hint of sweetness in it.
3)Pin-Up Girl- this one is really hard to explain but I really do like it, I would explain it as fruity and fresh with a hint of sophistication in it. I don't wear it as an everyday scent but it is great for going out and parties.
4) Doni- I would have to say this one is probably my least favorite scent, to me it smells like a store where they burn the incense sticks. It does smell really good but it is not really my kind of scent.
5) Plumeria- THIS IS MY FAVORITE ONE!! I love the scent of this one, it is so fresh with a hint of floral to it. I have been wearing this almost everyday since I have gotten it and haven't even made a dent into it.
6) Butt Naked- this scent is very sweet and reminds me of bubblegum and cotton candy (don't quote me on those, I am not the best at determining scents) but it is fruity and sweet all at the same time, awesome! 

All of my products arrived in a padded envelope and were cutely wrapped in a little plastic bag (business card included) and tied with pretty ribbon. It all arrived in perfect condition and I was very impressed with the packaging.

Overall I am so impressed with For Goodness Grape, the products are top quality and last a super long time. Shipping, while it did take a bit, was fairly priced and honestly (even though it does take longer than ordering jewelry) is reasonable because she makes each of your items fresh and just for you.
 Go check out her shop right now and order and boatload, you won't regret it!
 Hopefully sometime soon I will order some of her fantastic lip candy and will also provide you guys with a review on those, which I am sure are going to be fantastic!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Polymer Clay 101: Red Snow Cone

The summer months are here and not letting us off easy either. Here is a tutorial for a treat that is sure to cool you down during these record-breaking temperatures: SNOW CONE!
First start with a ball of white clay.
 Work with the clay and form it until you get something like this.
 Cut off the rounded area at the top so you are left with a flat top.
 With more white clay, roll out a long thin snake.
 Wrap it around the top of your bases.
 Next take some red clay (you can use any color depending on what color you want your snow cone, even rainbow!)
 Roll out two balls and cut the bottom off so they sit flat.
 Take some TLS on a toothpick.
 First poke a hole in the top of your ball (where you will later place your eyepin) and cover the ball with TLS.
 Next take some clear mini class marbles.
 Place your balls in it and roll them around until they are covered.

Now the next few steps I didn't take pictures of because I forgot all about it but here is how you finish them off.

1) First cook the white base until it hardens.
2) Next, use a little bit of TLS on the top of the base, then place your ball on top of it with the eyepin in it.
3) Bake this until it hardens, the TLS will harden as well creating a bond between you base and ball so they will not separate.
4) Glaze and attach to earring hooks, and your done!
While these exact earrings have already sold, here is a link to similar ones but in blue:
Thanks so much for reading my blog and hope you like the tutorial. Stay cool during these hot days!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Reviews to Come! Yay!

I have been slacking on my reviews :( I always love reading review on shops and products so I am going to start making them a regular on my blog. For just a general overview, most of my reviews will be on jewelry and bath/body products with some stragglers here and there :D.They will be a mix of Etsy stores and commercial stores. Hopefully you guys like reading reviews as well. Let me know in the comments what type of things you would want to know about the products, things like: shipping, packaging, quality, what else?
(Please note: I don't think I have most of these items, if any, so please don't expect reviews on them :D)

Can't wait to flood this blog with reviews! Thanks so much for reading and check back soon!

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