Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Polymer Clay 101: Red Snow Cone

The summer months are here and not letting us off easy either. Here is a tutorial for a treat that is sure to cool you down during these record-breaking temperatures: SNOW CONE!
First start with a ball of white clay.
 Work with the clay and form it until you get something like this.
 Cut off the rounded area at the top so you are left with a flat top.
 With more white clay, roll out a long thin snake.
 Wrap it around the top of your bases.
 Next take some red clay (you can use any color depending on what color you want your snow cone, even rainbow!)
 Roll out two balls and cut the bottom off so they sit flat.
 Take some TLS on a toothpick.
 First poke a hole in the top of your ball (where you will later place your eyepin) and cover the ball with TLS.
 Next take some clear mini class marbles.
 Place your balls in it and roll them around until they are covered.

Now the next few steps I didn't take pictures of because I forgot all about it but here is how you finish them off.

1) First cook the white base until it hardens.
2) Next, use a little bit of TLS on the top of the base, then place your ball on top of it with the eyepin in it.
3) Bake this until it hardens, the TLS will harden as well creating a bond between you base and ball so they will not separate.
4) Glaze and attach to earring hooks, and your done!
While these exact earrings have already sold, here is a link to similar ones but in blue:
Thanks so much for reading my blog and hope you like the tutorial. Stay cool during these hot days!


  1. So cute!! My daughter would love these, my sister gave her dollhouse teacup earrings that she just adores anything girly and out of the ordinary.


  2. Those are just adorable! I will have to make them sometime!

  3. I love them! They are so cute! =) The food things look so realistic. Someone may try to eat an earring haha

    Arizona Girls blog

  4. These are beautiful! My daughter loves to make things out of clay and would love to try to make these!

  5. this is an amezing art.. nice looking earrings...

  6. Thank you so much for your comments and hope all your crafting adventures were a huge success! Let me know if you have any questions.



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