Saturday, August 27, 2011

Here Comes Irene!

Well folks its about that time, we are supposed to begin getting hit by Irene at 5pm this afternoon. With the hardest part of the hurricane coming at around 1-3 am. All I know it that I will be sleeping in the basement tonight and won't come out until I know it is over.

I don't think we are going to have terrible damage, but they are saying high winds (and we are basically living in a forest :D) and rain but we aren't that close to the eye so hopefully the storm won't affect us to much.

Around my area we have already been notified that there will be wide-spread power outages and it could take 24 hours for our power company to even get out and assess the damage. 24 hours!! What could they possibly be doing for those 24 hours??

Well, it is already starting to pour down rain and wind is starting to pick up so to the basement I go!!

Wish me luck and I hope everyone else stays dry as well :) Thanks for reading my blog!


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  2. As i know, hurricane irene was large and very destructive tropiocal strom.....



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