Saturday, June 29, 2013

Polymer Clay 101: Finishing Your Clay

So you have finished sculpting your clay and baked it to perfection, what next? Well now its time to put the finishing touches on your clay.

IF YOU ARE MAKING JEWELRY....(let's say an earring)
1) Finish off your headpin or superglue your eyepin into place.
2) Take an earring finding and use your pliers to open the wire at the bottom of the earring
3) Place it onto you finished off headpin/eyepin, use the pliers to push it back together.

This is just for dangle earrings in particlaur. For stud earrings I apply strong glue to the base to attach it. For necklaces attach or complete the headpin/eyepin and just put a necklace chain through.

I prefer to glaze my earrings after I place the earring finding or jewelry finding on it, so I can coat the whole charm and hang it up to allow it to dry.

Coat your whole charm in a layer of glaze, being sure to apply it evenly so you don't leave bumps  because once it dries you can't fix those things. Also, try and get the whole charm coated but you can always let it dry and do touch up later on places you missed the first time around. I have been glazing for awhile now and always seem to have to do at least two coats to cover the charm entirely.

After you have finished all of the above, I ensure the headpin is secure and won't come out and that the glaze is even on the charm and then it is ready to be worn or sent as a gift!
Have fun!!!!

Have any questions? Just leave a comment down below and I would be more than happy to do my best to answer them :)

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