Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Featured Blog of the Week

Sorry, realized I got two posts mixed up! This should have been posted yesterday while the Wednesday's Etsy Artisan should have been posted today since it's Wednesday, haha, but I hope you enjoy our first featured blog! Anyway, please check out her blog and etsy shop!

Miss Merry Weather's Creations

About Her
Hi, My name is Liz, also know as Miss Merryweather. I live in Madison with my parents and my daughter, Lila, and four cats. I am an artist, mother, daughter, crafter, student, and dreamer.

In addition to checking out this fantastic blog she also has a super cute etsy shop which you can find right here:
Check out the "Featured Etsy Shop" in the sidebar for a preview of some of the items she currently has in her shop.

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