Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What's new?

It's sad to say but my streak of listing an item a day is over. Now its back to making some new items, yay!! What am I planning on making? Well right now I have a few ideas including St. Patrick's Day Cake (I was going to make the cake part green), ice cream sandwich, cherry cheesecake, fortune cookies and hopefully a ton more things so keep you eyes posted for them.

As well, I continue my series of Etsy Artisan features tomorrow with a super-yummy shop (*hint hint*) so please come back and check her shop out!

Now this is probably kind of random, but am I the only one excited about American Idol tonight? I can't wait to see the girls (??) sing tonight. They have such great talent this year and I am so excited.

This was a pretty boring post now that I look at it, but ETSY ARTISAN FEATURE TOMORROW!!!

Thanks for checking out my blog :D Leave me a comment with your blog because I always love finding new and exciting blogs.
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