Sunday, February 20, 2011

Etsy Shop Review: jHenSunshine

This is my first ever shop review so I thought I would start with one of my favorite stores that I have ordered from: 

I have already purchased from this shop twice and have had an amazing experience both times. In total I have ordered 7 rings from her. She is one of the sweetest shop owners and even took time to take a picture of one of the rings being worn for me! So sweet!

What I ordered
I have ordered 7 wire rings. These rings are totally adjustable and could fit the smallest to the biggest finger. She has so many color combos it was hard to choose which ones I wanted (that's why I ended up ordering so many) Each ring is made of beads on wire, the ends are made into little swirls and really help to finish off these amazing rings! 

Customer Service
As I have already said she has great customer service. I had started a conversation with her about what the rings look like on your fingers, and she quickly responded and took a picture of the exact ring that I was looking at so I could see what it looked like being worn. She was so friendly during my whole experience and followed up and thanked me, as well as sending a picture of her new addition (who is adorable!).

Her shipping was super fast! She sent them out right away and I received them in no time.

I have worn her rings so many times since I ordered them, and have received to many compliments to count :D You can tell that she spends a lot of time on each ring and that the materials she uses are very high quality.

In addition to everything else her prices are also very very reasonable. The last purchase I made, which was for 4 rings, came to a total of $18.00 including shipping. Taking into account how many times I have worn them, it was a fabulous deal.

Great packaing, they all arrived perfectly and she even added a note (see picture) and an extra ring!!!

This was one of the first shops I have ordered from and is still one of my favorites. She has something for everyone and at great prices. Shipping price is perfect and her customer service is outstanding. She has simply amazing products at such reasonable prices, check her out right now! I couldn't recommend her shop enough!!!!

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  1. You rock to the max! I will read this every day for inspiration! :) Thank you so very much!




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