Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Polymer Clay 101: Starting Out with Clay

I thought I would write this post, because when I first started with polymer clay I was so lost and confused. I wanted to pass on some of the advice that I found out the hard way for anyone who is interested in polymer clay.

I would suggest purchasing a book with the basic techniques and materials, the first book that I ever bought (and still use today) was called The Polymer Clay Cookbook. Here is an amazon link:
This book is fantastic to help you get started, although it only shows you how to make mini food, I discovered tons of tips and techniques from this book.

Secondly, just get into it! Go out to your local craft store and pick up a few colors of polymer clay and just start experimenting! I think this is the best way to get started, although you may not like the first pieces you make just keep trying and don't give up :) The first mini foods I made didn't even look like food and I fell into the trap of giving up to easily and getting frustrated. Don't beat yourself down, try to just enjoy working with the clay. I know now I just have fun and I think my end product looks pretty good.

If you want to make jewelry from your polymer clay here are the starter materials that I suggest:
1) Eye Pins- so you can attach your finished pieces (you could also buy headpins but I have found eye pins to be soooo much easier to work with, although I would also suggest super glue to secure the eye pins into your clay after you bake it)
2) Pliers and wire cutters- to maneuver the wire and cut the wire to the right size
3) Depending on the kind of jewelry you want to make, purchase the jewelry findings (for example earring studs, dangle earrings, bracelet chain etc)

Keep in mind that these are just the basics I suggest. You don't need much to get started!! If you find that you enjoy working with clay, they are so many other items you can buy or find around your house to use. 

Get out there and have fun!!!!!!!
(Sorry about the picture, it isn't letting me turn it)

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